Know Everything About WordPress Writing Setting

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Know Everything About WordPress Writing Setting

Know Everything About WordPress Writing Setting

After Completing WordPress General Setting, the next thing is to look on WordPress Writing Setting. You can control your website writing experience and customize your WordPress website.

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From WordPress Writing Setting you will get control on adding and editing post features, pages and post types. It has an optional function like remote publishing post via email and update service in this article. We are going to know everything about WordPress Writing Setting and discuss every single option in writing setting.

The first step is to go to writing setting then move your cursor to settings option on your WordPress Dashboard. Click on second option which is next to the General Setting. where, you will see this screen.

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WordPress Writing Setting

These are the following fields you will see on this page


This field has 2 sub options for better User experience.

a) You can use emoticons on your post by just putting codes “:), :P”. By checking this it will turn text based emoticons into graphic based emoticons just like Facebook.

b) It will automatically correct your nested in valid XHTML

Default post category

From this option you will assign a category to every post. When you write a post, default category will aplly automatically to them. If you leave it then your default post categories Uncategorized. you can change it while writing your post.

Default post format

This option is used by your theme. If your theme Support different post styles then you can set a default post  style or you can set different style to different posts manually.

Post via e-mail

You can create post and publish post on your blog directly from your email. To avail this feature you need to create a secret mail account with POP3 access. If any mail received on this email address will automatically post on your website.

Mail server

Mail server allows reading emails that you send to wordpress. To avail this you need a PoP3 compatible mail server. Enter a url address like

Login name

To create post, WordPress need an email account. Keep this email secret. Spammers will post link through this email address. Don’t share your login name with anyone.


Set a Strong password for above mail address

Default mail category

Category apply to all posts which comes from post via Email feature.

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