Know Everything About WordPress Reading Setting

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Know Everything About WordPress Reading Setting

Know Everything About WordPress Reading Setting

WordPress Reading Setting is the third one in WordPress Settings, there are less options in reading setting but it is very important for your website. WordPress Reading Setting configure how your site Looks to all. From WordPress Reading Setting you can define whether your front Page display your Latest blog posts or it display a custom static page. You can decide the number of posts you want to display in front page. In this article we are going to Know Everything About WordPress Reading Setting.

Move your cursor to settings on your WordPress Dashboard now you will see that the third option is reading click on that you will get screen like this –

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Reading Setting in WordPress

Following are the details of the fields on Reading Setting

Front Page Displays

From this section you can set the display of your website’s front page. It has some formats.

(a). Your Latest Posts- It shows latest blog posts in the front page of your website.
(b). A Static Page- From here you can set a static page as a front page of your website.
Front page- If you select static page to display as a front page of your website then from this section you can select which page you want to display as a homepage of your website. Post Page- From here you can select the page which contains all your blog posts.

Blog Pages Shows at Most

Here you can enter the number of posts which you want to display on per page on your website. Default value is 10.

Syndication feeds shows the most recent

When a user download one of your site’s feed then the number of post shown to your user will depend on the number entered by you. In this section default value is 10.

For Each Article in a Feed Show

From this section you can select whether you want to display full article or summary of your post in your Feed Show. It has two options
(a). Full Text If you check this radio button then your Website Feed displays full content of each post.
(b). Summary If you check summary then your feed displays only summary of each post.

Search Engine Visibility

If you want search engine to index your website then leave it and if you want your site to be ignored by search engine then mark this box and your site will discouraged by search engines.

After all the things then click on save changes and your WordPress Reading Setting will save and applied on your website.

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