Know Everything About WordPress General Setting

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Know Everything About WordPress General Setting

Know Everything About WordPress General Setting

WordPress setting is the next important work to do after WordPress installation on your website. WordPress setting are categorized in General Setting, Writing Setting, Reading Setting, Discussion Setting, Media Setting, Permalink Setting and Plugin Setting.

In this Article we’re talking about WordPress General Setting. These are the basic configuration settings for your website

Let’s Start,

Go to settings option on your WordPress Dashboard menu. Put your mouse cursor on settings and you will see General Setting.

If you are Beginner You can also Read This –

Click on General Setting and Now you can see General Setting of your website.

These are the details of fields for WordPress General Setting page.

Site Title: In this section, this place is for the website title. This title shows in your template header and visible to everyone.

Tagline: It is a short description of your website. In Few Words, You can explain what this website is all about.

WordPress address URL: This URL shows you where your website Core Application files are. Don’t change it. If you do so then your website will start showing errors, due to missing path.

Site address URL: Your Website Homepage URL shows here.

Email address: It shows you the email address provided by you at the time of installation. This email address is the communication medium between you and WordPress. For example, if you lost your password then you can recover it from this email only.

Membership: It enables membership feature on your website. It allows your visitors to create account on your website.

New user default role: This is for new users. You can decide the role for your newly registered users.

Timezone: Here you can set your preferred local time zone. Always choose your local time for a website

Date format: You can set your date format if you want to display date on the website.

Time format: If you want to show current time on a website then you can set time format from here. Like 11:40 a.m or 11:40 A.M. Time showed on your website will depend on time zone chosen by you.

Week starts: From here you can select your preferred day from where you want to start your calendar. It is Monday by default.

Site language: You can set your Dashboard language from this option.

After filling all these information just click on save and it saves your all general setting information.

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