How to Reset your smartphone

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How to Reset your smartphone

Is your smartphone runs very slow or whenever you want to open an application it get hanged? And for that reason you are planning to sell it. Don’t get disappointed in this post you will know How to reset your smartphone and improves it’s performance like earlier.

You can easily reset your smartphone through it’s factory reset option but for that you have to take some precautions for your data and contacts.

Backup all your contacts and data before factory reset.

Here are the steps to reset your smartphone:

  1. Before resetting make sure to take a backup of your all important data like contacts, messages, images, application which are stored in your phone memory. You can store this backup in you memory card or in your computer using a data cable. Taking backup of your smartphone is very important and if you ignore it you will never recover that data after factory reset.
  2. Go to your phone setting and scroll down you will see Backup and Reset option.
  3. Here you can choose whether you want to backup your memory card’s data or not.
  4. After taking backup choose factory reset option and reset your menu.
  5. Now just press factory reset tab and then it will ask you for a confirmation.
  6. Press confirm and after a factory reset your smartphone is ready to use as earlier speed and performance.

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