How To Fix Internal Server Error In WordPress

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How To Fix Internal Server Error In WordPress

You have seen http 500 Internal Server Error few times on different websites. Internal Server Error is the most common error in WordPress. Many new bloggers get panic when they are encounter with this error. Don’t panic so many bloggers faced this issue earlier.

In this article we will show you How To Fix Internal Server Error In WordPress

Why This Error Comes

This is not a specific error on WordPress. It can happen to any non WordPress websites too. In WordPress it can be caused by plugin or any theme function. Sometimes your .htaccess file gets corrupted and you will face Internal Server Error on your website.

Let’s troubleshoot this error

Check for .htaccess file

If you got this error on your website then first check your .htaccess file. If your .htaccess file is corrupted then login to your hosting C Panel. Now go to File Manager. Then rename your .htaccess file to .htaccess_old. Try to reload your website to check if it resolved your problem or not.

If this method works Then visit settings from your wordpress dashboard and go to permalinks and reset your permalink structure this will generate a new .htaccess file.

Increasing PHP memory limit

Sometimes internal server error occurred if your website PHP memory limit exhausted how to increase PHP memory limit in WordPress.

  1. Create a blank php.ini file some hosting providers Support .users.ini file instead of php.ini.
  2. Paste these codes  memory_limit=”256M”
  3. Now save file

You can also ask to your web hosting company to look into server logs to help you.

Deactivate all plugins

If above solution not work for you then maybe this error caused by a specific plugin. You cannot find the exact plugin by which you are facing this error. So try to deactivate all the plugins and then check if this method works for you. If it solves the error then it is confirm that one of the plugin on your website is the cause of internal server error. Now activate one by one until you find which plugin is responsible for this issue. If you find that plugin, then remove it and don’t forget to report the error to the plugin’s author.

How to deactivate plugin without wp-admin (coming soon)

Re Uploading Core Files

If Deactivating plugin not resolve your Internal Server Error problem then try to upload wp-admin and wp-includes folder from fresh wordpress install. It might solve the issue if any file is corrupted in these folders.

Ask your hosting provider

If nothing works, then you need to talk to the hosting provider. They look your server logs and helps you.

These solutions are possible way to fix internal server error in WordPress. If any of these solutions works then please share and comment.

If you have more solutions other than these, then please contribute in the comments below. If your solution work effectively then we will publish it with your name. Any suggestions on this article are happily invited.

Be With us and Keep Sharing and happy blogging

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