5 Most Common WordPress Errors

5 Most Common WordPress Errors, wordpress errors, WordPress, Error, database error, internal server error, 404 error, technojinni
5 Most Common WordPress Errors

5 Most Common WordPress Errors

WordPress is very easy to use but sometimes it will face some common WordPress Errors. The good thing is that there are so many bloggers using WordPress, so most of the WordPress Errors has already been reported and resolved by someone. In this article we are talking about 5 Most Common WordPress Errors you will Face.

Internal Server Error

Internal Server Error is the most confusing error for a beginner. Sometimes WordPress gives 500 internal server error. You will face this error when there is something wrong and your server is not able to identify the real problem. You will get panic because it shows only internal server error but not indicate the particular error. It is difficult to understand what type of error is this.

How To Fix Internal Server Error In WordPress

Error in Establishing a Database Connection in WordPress

This error tells you that your website is not able to connect with your database. Solving this error is tricky for the beginners. This error comes when user fill up the database credentials wrong like database host, database username, database password. In this case it shows you Error in Establishing a Database Connection in WordPress. Sometimes this error comes when your database get corrupted. Usually this error occcurs when incorrect credentials are given.

WordPress White Screen of Death

When this error comes you will see a white screen. It has no error message this is very puzzling because you know nothing about the error you just have a single plain white screen there are two reasons for white screen error 1 is due to your PHP memory limit is exhausted and the second one is there is some wrong configuration in your server

403 Forbidden Error

When your server is not allowing permission to a specific page then it shows you 403 Forbidden error. Mostly this happens due to incorrect file permissions or bad coded security plugins or bad server configuration.

WordPress Posts returning 404 error

When this error occurs in your website your user will get 404 error page when they visit a single post on your website. This issue is caused due to permalink settings in WordPress. You have to Re-configure your website’s permalink structure to resolve this error.

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